I'm writing this email to say thank you.
I received my order from you today and found the copy of the chronicle of the old West inside to my surprise.
While this is the first order I have made with your company, do expect more in the future. You had the item I wanted at a excellent price. Your addition of the paper noted above, also appreciated. Most noted your incredible customer service.
Rather than just slap a mailing lable on my package and letting the carrier have its way with it, you called to verbally confirm the address with me. When I called back with questions, you yourself, answered and again spoke with me.
In a world full of automation and outsourced customer service call centers that have no clue, y'all go the opposite way. Honestly amazing and I am thankful.
Glad to be a customer of your business, and look forward to more purchases with y'all in the future.


I cannot believe how fast my order of Treso nipples, cleaning kit and nipples wrench got here. Carefully wrapped I noticed.
I will highly recommend you and looking forward to installing and using these fantastic, high tech percussion nipples.
Thank you ! Mark


Thanks for the quick shipment on my accessory kit.  And thanks for the reduced shipping costs. 
As soon as I figure out which cleaning rod I need i'll be back to your web page. 
Thanks !!!!


  That 1858 army holster I order is excellent quality and fits the pistol like a glove.
Thanks, Mark


Just wanted to say thank you!  I just received my holster in the mail today and I am very happy with it.  The quality is excellent and the fit to my Whitneyville Dragoon is great!  I was just on vacation a couple weeks ago and stopped in Roswell on our way from Ft. Sumner to Lincoln seeing all the sights from the Lincoln County War.  I wish I had known about you guys then and could have stopped in to say hi!!
Anyhow, thanks again for a great product!! Brad

I just bought a couple of your Dragoon holsters----wanted to tell you they're an excellent product, quality leather, good fit, very authentic, fair price.

Sir, ma'am, or maybe you're yet undecided 😃(it's hard to know what to say these days), I want to thank you for your prompt service on my first,  and definitely not last order.  I made my purchase on Sunday, (Super Bowl Sunday nonetheless) and had no expectations on when it would be processed and shipped - of course I hoped it would occur within 7 - 10 days.  You wouldn't believed how shocked and pleased I was to discover that my purchase arrived today, Wednesday.  What a turnaround!  What great service!  I don't know too many people who are into black powder shooting ( I've just immersed myself in it recently) but I will definitely pass on your website to others who might be interested. Do I sound drunk?  Too appreciative?  Or perhaps I come off like someone who should be seeking a new mental health physician?  Let me tell you this,  I am so happy because my last few orders  over the web have taken more than two weeks to process and deliver.  They were not anything unusual and those purchases were from a couple of major retailers  and a small specialty shop (all had the items in stock). Unbelievable. Thank you for your outstanding service.  Since you don't have a customer comment section, I thought I should share my feedback concerning my appreciation for your promptness.  And yeah, maybe I had one beer too many tonight!


I just received my cap and ball shooting kit (99-CB-36) and boy was I pleasantly surprised. This is NOT some of that cheap Chinese junk that seems to constantly flood our marketplace nowadays. Precise, top quality craftsmanship is what I was greeted with when I first opened up the case. This constitutes my entry into the black powder genre. This past April I purchased my first BP revolver, an Uberti 1851 Navy. I waited almost 6 months before (pardon the pun) biting the bullet and shelling out those outrageous Haz-Mat fees and bought me 1000 #10 caps. During this time, I was having a most difficult time locating the additional "possibles" to go along with my new handgun, but now, thanks to you and your Possibles Shop site, I have all I need to head out to the range. Thanks for providing top quality products and speedy service. Ken

The holster that I ordered arrived today and I am very impressed with the quality and color. It looks very nice wrapped around my old CVA 1851 Navy revolver. I will now buy others since I am convinced that they are very well made and look great.
Thanks - Tom

     Just received the gold color elk hide cover for my Hawken rifle. I was expecting it to be excellent quality, but it exceeded my expectations. WOW!  Thank you so much!
Just needed to send you a note because many times a company only receives mail if there is a complaint. Keep up the excellent work.

I am impressed!!
Your level of service has not changed, I figured that after I've been back to purchase additional items that your attention would be elsewhere. It seems that I guessed incorrectly. Your level of service is still super. Thanks!!!
I'm 80 years old. Your kind of service is not normally maintained in this generation. Thanks for remembering  that your customers are why you are in business!!! It will keep us coming back!! 
I love the great products and the fast shipping.I ordered one of the ratcheting nipple wrenchs for a Savage Navy revolver that had bad nipples and very stuck nipples.I soaked the cyl. for 2 weeks in silkroil and still they would not turn.But armed with the ratcheting wrench I applied pressure while tapping on the back of the wrench with a hammer and was able to break them free!So along with the new nipples and other products from you I was able to shoot that old pistol today!She did pretty good for an old civil war gun.It was pretty cool.Thanks-Bret 
I think I am one of your newer customers and I want you to know that I appreciated your store and your services.  Everything I purchased from your store have been sent to me very quickly and are of the highest quality. It's nice to do business with you.
In this part of the Union I am called a damyankee. That's a Yankee that came south and stayed. YF and myself were born and lived in PA most of our lives.
Happy, Prosperous and Healthy New Years to you and yours!

I have ordered lubricated wads from you in the past and I will always come back and give you my business if it is possible. I am very pleased with this product and must say I have never had my account credited with a refund for a cheaper shipping rate that it started out in the beginning. Thank you again. I will be back.

James in Tennessee

The possible shop delivers on it's name! They have it all including great customer service! Don responded to my emails and took my phone calls he's very informative and helpful and pleasant to deal with. Once my order was placed he immediately packaged and sent it out for shipment. He also credited me $3.50 on shipping which he could have easily kept but that gesture alone speaks great volumes it shows he is an honest businessman with integrity. I will certainly use them for all my cap and ball needs in the future. Scott, Massachusetts. 


Thank you for your fine products reasonable prices and speedy service.  I also appreciate the discount that you gave me on the shipping charges.  It will be a pleasure to do business with you again. James


Wow!!You guys don't fool around as I see the item I ordered his morning has shipped already! What a pleasure to deal with--you have just become one of my favorite stores! And I will tell my friends about you! Sincerily Robert ----Amazon ain't got nothing on you!


I can't believe how quick I receive my orders from you. Monday , sitting in the mail box.  Two days, cross country. Been waiting almost a week for a head gasket for my lawnmower from a local dealer. Just told yesterday at lease two weeks from Richmond , no more then 60 miles. O K thanks again for the service and also for the paper very interesting .  Till the next order, William  


Thank  you for the fast and prompt delivery of the Cowboy Duster Pattern order.  The pattern and instructions are great. Will order agains soon. Dwayne

Good afternoon Don,
  I must say it has been a pleasure to have purchased from your shop. I tried the bigger outfits with no luck. It is gratifying to have a small Mama-Papa store as yourself to come through when the big wigs do not. It is rather embarrassing for them. I am e-mailing on a specific item that I purchased from you... Wow!!! It is the new Grey Smoked Pre-lubed Wads I purchased, two in .44-.45 and one in .36 they were amazing. They lubed and kept my pistols almost without fouling, now that's incredible. It's surprising when small outfits out perform the bigger ones. Keep up the awesome, outstanding customer service. A customer for life.

Don, Thanks, all items received. The nipples and wrench are great products and did the trick. Great customer service will be why I check your site first when buying in the future. Thanks again, Tim

Thank's so much for the quick service, can't believe I received my shipment in two days. Nine dollars for shipping across country and two days , nobody made money on this shipment. I know of what I speak, I am retired UPS. Love the paper, so cool , thank's. Until next order, William  
I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your great service. I am a first time customer, but will definitely be coming back and will make it a point to recommend your business to all of my friends. I just got in my order for 2 CVA nipples, wow FAST shipping. The price was right, information was there to pick the correct ones, and the best part was that someone took the time to handwrite "thank you" on the receipt. I have a small business myself and make it a point to say thank you to every customer I get, way to many businesses nowadays forget that customers don't have to spend their money with them, Great Work! 

Ron I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for the OUTSTANDING SERVICE!!!!!
Got my package yesterday and can't wait to try the patching material. The possible shop and you will definitely be in the front of my mind when in need in the future.
Thanks again Don.


I hope it's Don. I know we only spoke on the phone once but all your advice and recommendations really paid off. I finally took my 3rd model dragoon out to my range and everything you and your site recommended for it worked like a breeze! Zero difficulties loading it, I confess that i used 30 grains instead of 40 in the chambers but it shot beautifully with no problems. The Walker flask was spot on for powder loading. I sincerely want to say thanks for all your information and you have a customer for life! Please let me know when you get the Hornady .454 round balls in. It feels more traditional. Any ideas on where I might be able to get a holster for this weapon?


My wife ordered a fire piston from you guys. Very nice and quick delivery. I am
very impressed with your company. Hard to find a company that still believes in
customer service. I will be ordering more from you. Thank you very much.


Hello. I got my order today and am very satisfied. Everything came as ordered and was shipped so fast. Can't wait to shoot some of the new ammo and I finally have a ramrod that fits my gun! I will continue to shop with you guys for sure. Tom


Just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for your fast service. My package with several items arrived yesterday and in great shape. I was concerned if the nipple wrench (18-1124) I ordered for my Remington New Army Revolver would fit and it did perfectly. Had no trouble removing the nipples that another wrench I had would not even begin to budge before slipping.
Great product, great service and also a thanks for the reduction in shipping costs.

Hello Don,   I just wanted to give you a yell about how great your online store is.  I retired and have found black powder shooting for the first time. What a personal kick in the shorts to find this much fun in retirement!
I live in the Sierra foothills and can shoot in my own driveway,; no need to pack up everything and go someware else.  I have an 1858 .44 and just bought a 20 year old ,unused, T/C Renegade (Hawken) ; and have a 1858 .44 Buffalo on order.  Your store has everything I think I need and the best prices I can find on the internet, with out a doubt, and really fast shipping also.  Thanx  for your service and completeness of business.     Robert

Just thought you should know that I was very pleased with the Deerhunter Rifle kit and the quality of the components.   Very little final fitting was needed.   The barrel was already ground to a fine finish so the final sanding, polishing and blueing went quickly and easily.   The rifling looks really good.   From start to finish (I was taking my time) the whole assembly and finish took less than 6 hours.
Haven't shot it yet but I expect it will shoot with good accuracy.
Thank you for your prompt service on delivery too!
Great website to find what you need as well!
Sincerely, Jonathan

Two days ago I placed an order for a nipple wrench and revolver loading stand with the Possible Shop. Then I got an email confirming the order and an email from the US Postal Service (obviously it was not a Saturday) tracking the order. All of this attention was unexpected, but appreciated. Today the order was delivered, and I am totally satisfied. But yesterday I received the Cabelas Shooting catalog. I just compared the catalog prices with what I paid the Possible Shop. Wow!! Same merchandise at Cabelas...$52; Possible Shop...$22. To say I am a "happy camper" is an understatement.
Don, Your service is the best! I have ordered form other stores and they can not compair to your service. I would like to see more inventory but I know that some time that would mean higher prices. Great job! Keep the 1800s alive.

hello don... just a quick note to let you know i received the rifle cover... and it is way beyond my expectations.  i know $134 is a lot of money, but not that much... and i didn't think the cover would be this nice.  thanks so much for the excellent service and a very high-quality product.  could not be more satisfied.   all the best...


  I got the Remington today and its perfect.  Exactly what I wanted.  Thanks for the excellent product and shipping... Can't wait to take it out this weekend.
Thanks again,     Doug


I just received my new sling for my Hawken.  I ordered the jute/leather version that requires no swivels.  I couldn't be happier.  The leather is soft minimizing any rub marks and the jute material really gives it a rustic look.  Super product.  Thank you.  Patrick

I recently received the merchandise  purchased from you. The items are all that I expected and then some.
I appreciate the fast service you afforded me and will work up another order in the near future. I will definitely
tell my fellow shooters about your product and WEB SITE.
Again thank you,
Richard Ranes
Thanks Don,
I happily received my order today. Thank you for having these bullets, and shipping them quickly. I did not know how hard they would be to find this year, and I really appreciate your great service and reasonable shipping rate.
I have used this bullet for a number of years, and I hope it is not discontinued.
I hunt elk with a T/C .50 Hawken replica. I used the Great Plains bullet in the HP 385 grain for a while, but found the bullet would sometimes change direction upon impact. These 410 g have always had good penetration and stayed the course for me, usually stopping against the hide on the opposite side. I have shot both weights on top of 90 g FF.
I shot patched round ball for years. After trying various slugs and T/C sabots, this was my preferred load even before Idaho outlawed sabots in my hunt.
Now I am relaxed in the knowledge I have plenty of rounds for sighting in, and hunting the four week season.
Thanks again,
hi don
i got my order for round balls and patches thank you for slipping in the bottle patch lube i will give it a try and let you know how well it works for me
yours truly
pete nicastro
You guys rock...
I wanted to drop you guys a e-mail to say thank you for the quick shipping and an excellent product. I received my Oklahoma Leather holster and cartridge belt today and I am thoroughly pleased with the product, shipping, and most of all the value. The holster fits my Ruger excellently and it looks great to boot. Thanks again guys. Keep up the great work! 
----Jordan Marques 
Delhi, CA.
I received the rifle this afternoon, thanks for getting it to me so soon.  I am sure Rick will like it.
Received the pistol case yesterday. Very nice product for the price, I like it. 
Comments = Yours is one of my favorite sites. I own a number of handguns, including a Uberti Army and will purchase a cap and ball Navy in the near future. Thank you for the effort each of you puts into making the Possible Shop so enjoyable and informative.